Dec 29, 2009

Tennis on the Burj

The Burj is the worlds only 7 Star Hotel. I guess it earned one of its stars by having the worlds highest tennis court on its roof! Watch Andre Agassi and Roger Federer play a friendly game on the roof of the Burj. What if you tripped and fell? You’d certainly see stars then. There is a safety net on the sides though.

Awesome view!

I wonder where that ball landed. It probably ended up on the beach or into the ocean. Nice job polluting the ocean with tennis balls, Andre. Next some whale is going to get a tennis ball stuck in its blow hole.

It’s almost tempting to use those nets as a trampoline

Finally, the Burj hotel in Dubai. Someone told me that there is a large fee just to get in and long around. grr. Rich people stink.


ayie fadzil said...

omg this is fr real?
haha mcena nak kutip bola kalu jatuh
but this is awesome!:D

T.E.M.T.H said...

hha.tak bik sir kata macam tuh.btw,just to make u jealous,im going to dubai soooonn.& i hope to snap some pictures at the burj.

troriq said...

rich people stink, hahaha. nice quotes