Jan 3, 2010

Exam Format for STPM Biology

Candidates are required to enter for Papers 1, 2, and either Paper 3 or Paper 4.

Paper 1
- 50 compulsory multiple-choice questions are to be answered.
- 50 marks (to be scaled to 60)
- 1¾ hours

Paper 2
Section A:
- 4 compulsory short structured questions are to be answered.
- 10 marks per question (40 marks)
Section B:
- 4 questions are to be answered out of 6 essay questions.
- 15 marks per question (60 marks)
- Total: 100 (to be scaled to 120)
- 2½ hours

Paper 3
School-based Assessment of Practical:
- 13 compulsory experiments are to be carried out.
- (20 marks)
- During school term

Practical Syllabus
School-based Assessment of Practical (Paper 3)

School-based assessment of practical work will only be carried out during the school term of form six for candidates from government and private schools which have been approved by the Malaysian Examinations Council to carry out the school-based assessment. Individual private candidates, candidates from private schools which have no permission to carry out the school-based assessment of practical work, candidates who repeat upper six (in government or private schools), and candidates who do not attend classes of lower six and upper six for two consecutive years (in government or private schools) are not allowed to take this paper.

13 compulsory experiments (including three projects) are to be carried out by candidates and to be assessed by subject teachers in schools. Candidates are required to carry out the projects individually or in groups as stipulated. Details of the topic, aim, theory, apparatus, and method of each of the experiments are with the teachers.

Students will be supplied with a work scheme before the day of the compulsory experiment so as to enable them to plan their practical work. Each experiment is expected to last one school double period. Assessment of the students’ practical work will be done by the teacher during the practical session and will also be based on the students’ practical report. The assessment should comply with the assessment guidelines prepared by the Malaysian Examinations Council.
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