Oct 31, 2010

Exam Fever

Signs and symptoms
1. Room is in a complete mess. Books and papers are laid everywhere because the study table is too small to contain the pile of paper that you were just referring to earlier on.
2. Increased in appetite, leading to munching habits, and too much snacking results in weight gain.
3. In some individuals, the reverse occurs. Loss of appetite is seen, together with loss of weight.
4. Some persons even have loss of hair!
5. Some people have headaches, gastritis, or diarrhoea due to the overwhelming stress. Ah well, the diarrhoea could be due to too much coffee.
6. Because of not leaving the house as often as you usually would, you tend to bathe less, sweat more, and have more body odour.
7. The television is your companion when you get too bored of studying.
8. Sometimes Facebook is also an entertaining outlet to check out on others to see if they are studying or playing Facebook games just like you are now.
9. Some people watch Youtube while studying because multi-tasking improves memory power, or so you think.
10. A few people have the tendency to do spring cleaning of the entire house instead of studying, just to make themselves feel useful.
Purely clinical. Radiographs not required. CT scan of the brain might help.
Not required. It is a self-limiting disease


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