Feb 1, 2011

Analogy of the cell

Nucleus (a cell's information center) would be the school's general office where all information about the student , school etc are.
Nucleolus would be the principal who is "located" inside the nucleus controlling the running of the school.
Like how important the nucleus & the nucleolus is to the cell, the principal & the school's general office are very important to the school too & they both control the running of the cell & school.

Plasma membrane (regulates the movement of water, nutrients and wastes into and out of the cell.) would be like the school's security guard.
Like the plasma membrane, the school's security guard prevents students from leaving the school during school hours & prevents strangers from entering the school.

Mitochondria (the power generators) would be the school's canteen where all types of food are & where all students and teachers get their food .
Like the mitochondria, the school canteen provides food for the students & teachers giving them energy to last for the day.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (moves materials around the cell) would be like the teachers in the school.
Like the rough endoplasmic reticulum, the teachers teach the students thus providing them with information, circulating their knowledge around the school.

Ribosomes (make proteins) would be like the students in the school.
Like the ribosomes , students would produce good results for the school like how ribosomes make proteins for the cell .

Lysosomes (chemicals used to digest waste) would be like the cleaners we have in the school.
Like the lysosomes , the cleaners in the school help to clear all rubbish and help clean the school in turn making the school a clean environment to study in. Like the importance of the lysosomes, the cleaners are important in a school too.

Golgi apparatus (packing & secreting of energy) would be like the Head of the panel (Ketua Panitia).
Like the golgi apparatus, the Head of the panel,decides  in what way should the teachers be teaching the students . Like how the golgi apparatus and the rough endoplasmic reticulum work closely together, the Head of each panels work closely with the teachers too.

Tata.....my cell analogy of school