Sep 12, 2012

My Students

I am a teacher so they say
But who is teaching who?
Students learn from teachers
Or so I thought was true
But if the truth be known, dear child
I’ve learned much more from you!

I’ve learned to say I don’t know
But how can we find out?
I’ve learned to laugh at my mistakes
And push away the doubt
I’ve learned to love each one of you
Even if you pout

You’ve reminded me of growing pains
I thought were left behind me
You’ve reminded me of days gone by
When I was young and free
You’ve reminded me of long-last dreams
Which I need to see

I’ve seen you struggle with each other
Hitting, hurting and breaking hearts
I’ve seen you roll eyes at peers
Saying unkind words and snide remarks
I’ve seen you do those human things
Adults do, but rather kids not start

You’ve taught me how diverse we are
And life’s not always fair
You’ve taught me how unique you are
And why we need to care
You taught me to be reflective
Looking inward, unafraid to stare

I am a teacher, yes I know
But I am a student too
Students learn from teachers
And the reverse, as shown, is true
So what I want to leave with you....
Learning is a circle, you so, and do and do........