Nov 11, 2009

Analysis of Paper 3 Trial SPM Questions

Use these Trial Papers as guides or trend indicators to analyse the current exam hot topics and examine yourselves to check how well-prepared you are...

Trial Berita Harian
1. The effect of pH of activity of enzyme amylase
2. The effect of abiotic factor on the growth of Lemna sp.

Trial Johor
1. The type of variation of thumbprints among a group of Form 5 students in a school
2. The effect of distance between the paddy plants on their growth rate

Trial Kedah
1. The effect of interspecific competition on the size of the population of Tribolium confusum
2. The effect of pH on the population growth rate of Lemna minor

Trial Kelantan
1. The effect of running on the rate of heart beat
2. The effect of albumen concentration on the enzyme pepsin's reaction

Trial Melaka
1. The effect of pH value on the activities of yeast
2. The relationship between the growth of maize plants and time/days/duration after planting at a nursery site.

Trial MRSM
1. The effect of the altitude of the area on the length of the pea pods.
2. The action of salivary enzyme on rice.

Trial Pahang
1. To determine the concentration of sucrose solution which is isotonic to the cell sap of potato strips.
2. The effect of air movement (wind) on the rate of transpiration.

Trial Perak
1. The growth rate of a plant in different types of soil
2. The effect of total surfacea rea to volume (TSA/V) ratio towards the rate of diffuion of substances by using potatoes.

Trial Perlis
1. The content of carbon dioxide in exhaled air for an athlete after doing three different levels of activities. (J-tube)
2. The effect of volume of water intake on the volume of urine excreted.

Trial Sabah
1. The effect of air movement on transpiration rate of hibiscus plant by using a potometer.
2. The level of pollution in several different sources of water.

Trial SBP
1. To study the inheritance of colour in a flowering plant.
2. The effect of change in pH value on the population growth rate of Lemna sp. plants

Trial Selangor
1. Water pollution (BOD)
2. Transpiration

Trial Terengganu
1. The BOD on sewage water treatment
2. Investigate variation among students (height and fingerprints)

Anyway many people are talking about Transpiration, J-tube and Water pollution..