Dec 25, 2010

Memorising facts in Biology

  • Mnemonics can be used wherever possible. don't give it up totally.
  • Sometimes writing the first letters of names & amp; reading them in a nonsensical & amp; funny way can help.
  • Write down the points, after reading the answers; draw pictures like parts of the plant, body parts, nerves etc. to connect to the point.,
  • Write the number of points you have to learn for an answer & amp; arrange them in a sequence easy for you to remember.
  • When learning objective type answers you can request a family member to ask the qns. This may look funny but mothers are a wonderful support in this.
  • Divide your portions & amp; learn thoroughly before going to the next one
  • Don't accumulate too much of study material.
  • Prepare a time table & amp; follow it sincerely.
  • Keep your goal in mind & amp; work towards it.
Nothing is impossible when you work hard.
Like what you are doing at present.
Best of luck.

Understand what you are learning and have confidence.


syah said...

memorizing biology is harder than history...u need to understand first what u are reading...than u can memorize it faster n understand it clearer.....:)

Rahsia Kuasa Insan said...

Agree & very coclusive ideas from GC.

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